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  • Eiva
    EIVA is the outdoor lighting system designed by Creative-Cables that allows you to create customised lighting according to your needs and style, relying on the safety of a fully water and rainproof product.This black plastic Schuko plug may be used to create lighting with outdoor cables and EIVA system components, without needing to change your...
  • Lumet
    Lumet System is the solution by Creative-Cables created specifically to illuminate gardens, terraces and gazebos!This black thermoplastic French-German plug is specifically designed to compose your Lumet string lights on your own.It is used to create a plug in Lumet string lighting installation.The string lights are provided with a French-German...
  • Fused UK plug, rewirable type suitable for class I - II appliances.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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