LED Art Victory Light Bulb 8W S14d Dimmable 2200K - for S14 System


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WIth its transparent protective casing enclosing it, the flexible filament of the Victory Art light bulb, reproduces the silhouette of the letter V. Its simple elegant design and the lack of a classic glass bulb, the Art line bulbs are just perfect for creating lighting compositions where the light takes centre stage!
Thanks to the lateral S14d fitting this bulb is perfect for creating original wall or ceiling lighting solutions using the Syntax® lamp holder.
To adjust its intensity, simply connect it to a dimmer.

Warning: To dim LED bulbs we strongly recommend using the latest generation of universal dimmer available on our website as either wall or inline options.

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Light bulb type: LED
Fitting: S14d
Diameter: 275 mm
Height: 270 mm
Volt: 220/240
Watt: 8W
Energy efficiency class: B
Colour temperature: 2200 K
Lumen: 330 Lm
Adjustment: dimmable

Our bulbs with straight filament can work with all DIMMERS (TRIA or IGBT), while for curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended.

For the choice of the dimmer: in addition to the maximum power of the user, the minimum power must also be considered, because when the regulated power is lower than the minimum rating, the user can "flicker" and / or be damaged

Data sheet
Light bulb typeLed
Color Temperature2200°K
Energy Efficiency ClassA
ShapeOther shapes
Opening Beam360°
Lumen350 Lm
Glass colorTransparent
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