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Filters (58 products)


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100 Lm - 1530 Lm

Color Temperature

2000 K - 2800 K

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Naked bulbs

If you love to have your light bulbs exposed, these wall and ceiling Fermaluce are the perfect lighting solution for you! We have a lamp for every...

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  • Want a simple but impactful applique? All you need to do is ask! Presenting a Fermaluce as simple and unpretentious as can be, combined with a lightbulb with exceptional shapes.Ideal when placed side-by-side in a long corridor, alternated by photographs and paintings, or on both sides of the bedroom vanity, this wall lamp will win you over with its...
  • For those of you who, like us, love minimalist design or a subtle yet effective spotlight. And for those that want to brighten up and give an extra touch of personality to that reading nook or living room.We tried coming up with the world's most simple Fermaluce, matched with G95 Globe-shaped lightbulb with a lining on its lower portion that creates...
  • Looking for a designer lamp between rustic and nordic with vintage touches? Up to this day did you think it was impossible to find? Well you're wrong!We tried coming up with a very simple Fermaluce, where the rose can be hooked directly to the wooden cup, matched to the Dash Porcelain lightbulb to create unique light patterns on your wall and ceiling....
  • Classic form but unconventional finish. The Fermaluce lamp with adjustable joint, matched with a G125 Globe-shaped lightbulb as white and smooth as porcelain that will capture your attention for its style and versatility. We like to think of it as a jacket that, during the course of the years, completed many looks...Choose the colour that best suits...
  • Classic form combined with a warm, timeless material. If you're looking ofr an everlasting solution above every temporary trend, the Fermaluce wooden lamp with adjustable joint is the solution that will surprise you.To preserve its elegance without missing out on the visual effect, we offer a perfect match: the globe shaped G95 lightbulb, white and...
  • Looking up to the sky or illuminating the path? Not a philosophical question, just a double possibility offered to you by this Fermaluce, that thanks to its L-shaped tube can be adjusted upwards or downwards, creating different effects for every room.We picture it above your nightstand, to wish you a lovely goodnight and a great day. Or in your bedroom...
  • Looking for a wall lamp to position towards the ceiling, to set the tone in the living room? Or maybe an applique to hang above your makeup mirror, to brighten your skin (and your day)? Either way you're in the right place.This Fermaluce with L extension, thanks to the 14cm long curved tube, allows you to point the light beam upwards or downwards,...
  • Who dented the lightbulb? No need to search for the culprit in your home: it was us! If you're looking for something unique and out of the ordinary, we matched our made in italy beechwood Fermaluce with an ornamental lamp different from any other.With different finishes based on the environments in which the lamp will be placed (golden if you're feeling...
  • If you need to evolve any light source into a lamp, this Fermaluce is perfect for you. No need to tear down walls or pick apart pre-existing electrical systems thanks to the rose with built-in switch. All you'll have to do is install it in a pre-existing light source and control it with a simple on/off.Thanks to the adjustable 30cm long Flex extension...
  • To move around your bed or nightstand and make sure the lamp follows. To create a warm and tidy reading nook. To accomodate any situation where you need to turn a light source into a lamp, our Fermaluce will be the perfect fit thanks to its mini rose with built-in switch.Thanks to the adjustable 30cm long Flex extension (with a fine textile lining) and...
Showing 49 - 58 of 58 items

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